Why should I subtitle?

1 in 6 viewers use subtitles to aid their viewing. If a commercial is transmitted without subtitles, you will be missing out on a valuable target audience. Also, most leading companies promote corporate social responsibility, so would need to include the deaf and hard-of-hearing in their advertising message.

How long will it take?

It is dependent on how complex the commercial is. We normally quote an hour, but it can vary.

My commercial has no voice-over, so why should I subtitle?

We recommend that sound effects and music are subtitled to help the viewer understand the visual. Many hard-of-hearing viewers have had perfect hearing at an earlier stage in their lives and would understand what the commercial is conveying, once subtitles are included.

My client is concerned that the subtitles will be displayed all the time.

Subtitles can be switched on or off using the television handset. They are only used by those that decide to switch them on.

Do you need scripts?

If you can send through approved scripts as soon as possible, we can prepare the files ahead of time and so achieve a faster turnaround. However, we can work without scripts if necessary.

My commercial has not, as yet, been approved by Clearcast. Can I send it to you before approval, so we can speed up delivery times?

We recommend only sending us commercials that are Clearcast approved, but please send us scripts and information as soon as they are available.

I would like to subtitle - what should I send you? Digibeta?

We are a fully digital operation and although we do accept Digibetas, we prefer digital files. The technical specs are available to download in our download section.

What if I want to deliver a file in the evening? Will anyone be there to subtitle?

Because of the high volume of commercials we subtitle, Adtext operates a shift system from 09.30 - 21.00 and later if required.

Does it matter which commercial distribution company you work with?

Adtext works with all the leading distribution companies - BEAM.TV, IMD and Adstream. We are digitally integrated with their workflows.

I have to produce a commercial in French - can you help?

We can translate commercials into 30 languages, including French.

How much will it cost?

Please contact junej@adtext.tv for details.

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