At Adtext we do the following...

  • Subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing

    Adtext is the leading supplier to the advertising industry. With a dedicated team of six subtitlers working an extended working day, Adtext is the industry standard for this service.

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  • Closed Captions

    These are captions/subtitles that are hidden in the video signal and can be "opened" with a decoder.

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  • Foreign Language Subtitling/Re-versioning

    Adtext can create subtitles in over 30 foreign languages. Centralising all language requirements ensures maximum consistency, quality and convenience for the client. Adtext works with an extensive range of highly skilled linguists working in their mother tongue and our thorough QC process ensures that linguistic subtitles are created to the highest standards, concentrating on style, readability and appropriateness of language.

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  • Social Media

    Subtitles for online purposes are uploaded alongside the video files on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. The user can then turn the subtitles on or off.

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  • Open Captions

    These are captions/subtitles that are burnt into the picture and cannot be turned off, so they are in-vision all the time. Open captions are normally created before a commercial has been clocked.

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  • Idents and Channel Promotions

    These should be subtitled as well, requiring the same thoughtful approach that Adtext adopts for commercials.

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  • Audio Description

    Audio Description is a service for the visually-impaired audience and is essentially filling in the gaps of a television programme where there is no dialogue. The gaps may contain descriptions of the visual elements of action, facial expressions, body language, costumes, settings, imagery etc.

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  • Signing

    If you are considering signing a commercial or ident in BSL (British Sign Language), Adtext can help source the appropriate signer and project-manage the entire assignment.

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